Void Truncated Icosidodecahedron (VTI) instructions

Product supporting information of VeryPuzzle products. Includes but may not limited to: assembling, disassembling, tuning, sticker template, mechanism, analysis, suggestion, feedback etc.
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Void Truncated Icosidodecahedron (VTI) instructions

Postby lesliele » Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:43 pm

This post is dedicated to Void Truncated Icosidodecahedron (VTI) puzzle.
1. Product introduction

2. How to play
2.1 Aim: scramble and sort.
2.2 Legal moves
quadrilateral face: 180*n degrees / 2 fold symmetry
hexagonal face: 120*n degrees / 3 fold symmetry
decagonal face: 72*n degrees / 5 fold symmetry
2.3 How to rotate faces
VTI comes with no 'key' (as was provided with Void Tuttminx). We eliminated sharp edges this time and it is relatively easy to rotate using hands.
[P: rotating 4, 6, 10 rings]

There could be internal tensions within a newly assembled VTI. Provided that it is correctly assembled, leave it a few weeks will give it a better handling.

No lube is needed or suggested. It is not intended to be rotated fast, nor was it designed to accept forced rotations without near perfect alignment.

No adjust of screws is needed. The corner piece was designed such that all you need is to screw down to the point where the cap of screw touches the corner base piece. Excessive driving force will damage corner piece permanently and will need a larger self-driven screw. What we provided is PA 2.7mm self-driven screws. The next (and probably only acceptable) size would be PA 3.0mm if over-driven. Do not use electronic driver unless you know how to control the depth properly.

3. Solving techniques
Method 1:
Method 2:

4. Assemble / Disassemble / troubleshooting
4.1 Assemble
4.1.1 Preparing parts
[P: parts and their names in this post]

Visual checking of all parts, cut possible flashes.
Screw corner and corner base together. There are 60 'left' corners and 60 'right' corners.
Put all edge caps on except five 6-10 edges and five 4-10 edges. (Not counting redundant parts) Prepare corner pieces
[P: left corner & right corner] Prepare 4-6 edges
[P: 4-6 edge before and after assemble] Prepare 6-10 edges
[P: 6-10 edge before and after assemble] Prepare 4-10 edges
[P: 4-10 edge before and after assemble]

4.1.2 Assemble rules explained
Since every part moves along rails, it is a very common operation that you slide a few pieces to a position to receive a consecutive part and drag later in rail, and repeat.

4.1.3 Start rolling

4.1.4 Perfect seal

4.1.5 Check & finishing

4.2 Disassemble

4.3 Stickering
4.3.1 Prepare
Clean the surfaces to be stickered. Note that there could be mold-releasing oil that is not evidently visible.

4.3.2 Scheme
There's no standard color scheme.

4.3.3 Post-treatment
Make stickers fit and last better using a hair drier.

5. Sticker template

6. Extra information
6.1 All instruction pictures in a pack.
All instruction pictures in a pack
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