• #64-RT V1 F1

Full Name: Rhombic Triacontahedron V1 F1

Full name: Rhombic Triacontahedron V1.0 F1

Basic information

Product Name: Rhombic Triacontahedron / RT V1.0 F1

Product Code: MF1907

Product Category: 3D twisty puzzle

Manufacturer: VeryPuzzle

Axis System: RT

Core Type: spherical

Sticker protection: Yes

In-core spring: Yes

Adjustable tension: No

Net weight (stickered): xxx

Maximum diameter:  14.5cm / 5.7 inch

Number of sticker pieces: 332pcs

Number of visible independent moving parts: 182pcs.

Further introduction to RT V1.0

RT v1.0 is a fundamental example of RT axis system, or the axis system defined by faces of a Rhombic Triacontahedron. Edge turning dodecahedron also share this axis system.

We made this model mainly to explore this axis system.

RT V1.0 F1 is essentially a fragmentation version of RT V1.0, or a partially unbandaged version. In this version, some blocked places were cut through for added degree of freedom.

It's hard to say which is more 'natural' between RT V1 and RT V1 F1 since every added cut in RT V1 F1 stops a certain 'natural' rotation of RT V1. There's no such phenomenon in RT V1 F1, however.

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1. RT V1.0

Product details

1. It is a 30 axis puzzle.

2. It comes assembled but not stickered.

3. It comes with a sticker set containing 12+1 textured colors (for pentagonal area) and 20+1 opaque vinyl color (for triangular area).

4. Stickering service: comes with exactly the same scheme as RT V1.0.

5. If you buy sticker service, the stickering scheme can be previewed by pictures below:


where RTV1.jpg can be RTV1.jpg, RTV2.jpg, ..., RTV11.jpg.


#64-RT V1 F1

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