• #68-Icosahedron 77

Icosahedron 77 is a variation of Icosahedron V1.0 (MF1909) by adding 4 more cuts to 12 hexagonal faces symmetrically, resulting 12 heptagonal faces. The rest 8 hexagonal faces remain 6 cuts(like that of Chaotic 1) for transition of pieces between heptagon groups.

The change from Icosahedron V1.0 to Icosahedron 77 can be somehow compared with Megaminx V1.0 to Megaminx C1.

The common edge of two adjacent heptagonal faces are randomly installed, which is similar to that of Icosahedron Chaotic.

By introducing super-cut(applying more cuts than 'necessary') faces, the puzzle works like a mixture of Icosahedron Chaotic and a group of 6 NEON puzzles arranged in cubic form.

We have introduced hollow stickers to clearly indicate boundaries of heptagonal groups.

This puzzle is sold in two forms: DIY form and finished form.

1. DIY form: buyers will need to assemble, then sticker it with the help of instruction manual included in the package.

2. Finished form: play right out of the box (keep rotation rules in mind).

What's in the package

1. Finished form

-Assembled and stickered Icosahedron 77*1

2. DIY form

-Necessary parts with redundants;

-Sticker set *1

-Printed manual *1

-Hyperbolic Stand *1

-Screw cap holder *1


#68-Icosahedron 77

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