• #73-9th Megaminx Ball (D9)

The 9th Megaminx (D9)  can be seen as a deeper cut megaminx.

Please be fully aware that this product is sold in DIY kit, which means buyers will need to assemble, then sticker the puzzle by themselves with the help of instruction manual.

Extra notes according to feedbacks from user: The puzzle is loose, popping etc.]

1. The stability of this puzzle is sensitive to subassembly A7 (190091/92 - 190093A2/94A2 - 190561/62 ).

2. The subassembly A7 is recommended to be superglued to achieve best performance. Here are safe steps to follow

2.1 Find a firm base or piece of wood with a hole so that you can put 190093A2/94A2 upside down on it. The hole is there to prevent damage to the small triangular tube when pressing.

2.2 Dip a piece of toothpicker into the superglue bottle, then apply glue in the central hole in the back of 190093A2/94A2. In this way you have a bit more time compared with applying glue on 190091/92.

2.3 Take a 190091/92, correct directions and put it on the above part. Then press down firmly for a few seconds.

2.4 Finish all 190091/92 & 190093A2/94A2 pairs. Have them placed upward for the next step.

2.5 Apply superglue on the inside wall of the inside triangular tube of 190561/62 using toothpicker. Then apply this part to one of the above prepared subassemblies. Press firmly down for a few seconds. 

      You may leave one of the 20 subassemblies not glued for easier finish when putting them on sphere.

2.6 It is really important to keep amount of superglue tiny. Excessive amount of superglue could easily make a mess.

What's in the package

-Necessary parts with redundants;

-Sticker set *1

-Printed manual *1

-Hyperbolic Stand *1

-Screw cap holder *1

Downloadables: instruction manualsticker template.


#73-9th Megaminx Ball (D9)

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