• #88-Tuttminx F1

Tuttminx F1 is a variant of Tuttminx with extra cuts on hexagonal faces. It is based on the same axis system as Tuttminx.

Please be fully aware that this product is sold in DIY kit, which means buyers will need to assemble, then sticker the puzzle by themselves with the help of instruction manual.

Extra notes according to feedbacks from customers:

1.Pay extra attention to relative orientation of the pair 191453 & 191457. 

2.Pay extra attentioni to global orientation of sub-assembly <191453,191457> and <191454, 191456> when assembled above the core. Take a careful look at the product picture will help you find correct orientation of sub-assemblies.

3.If you feel that a sticker piece of above subassembly don't fit ideally, there might be an orientation problem with it. If you experience continuous pops/stops, check orientation in the first place.

4.There could be flashes down the lower part of the long bar edge, cutting them off will make it better.

What's in the package

-Necessary parts with redundants;

-Sticker set *1

-Printed manual *1

-Hyperbolic Stand *1

Downloadables: instruction manualsticker template.


#88-Tuttminx F1

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