• #90-Classical Tuttminx V2

Tuttminx is a single layered twisty puzzle based on DI axis system (face and corner axis system of a dodecahedron), first prototyped by Lee Tutt. Later produced by VeryPuzzle in a curvy cut form back in 2010 using a nylon ball core built from two halves.

In years later, there had been quite a few versions of Tuttminx: Classical Tuttminx V1(same core as Tuttminx), New Tuttminx(started to use tessellated sphere core), Speed Tuttminx(new tessellated sphere core), Spheric Tuttminx(tessellated sphere core V4/V5). After all these attempts we are finally back at the origin, with a fine solution.

The name 'Classical Tuttminx' was due the fact that the first curvy Tuttminx had its product name 'Tuttminx'. The original prototype of Lee Tutt was in straight cuts, which is of course, classic.

Please be fully aware that this product is sold in DIY kit, which means buyers will need to assemble, then sticker the puzzle by themselves with the help of online instruction manual.

Remark: we've excluded subjective part of this table and introduced a new slot, "Maximum parts shared between two axes".

What's in the package

-Necessary parts with redundants;

-Sticker set *1

-Hyperbolic Stand *1

-Screw cap holder *1

-Tyvek paper bag (green label) *1

Remark: starting from this product, at least for suitable 3D twisty puzzles, appropriate Tyvek paper bag will be a standard component.

Downloadables: instruction manualsticker template.

#90-Classical Tuttminx V2

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